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Football matches played in the German Bundesliga on 20.01.2018 using the Home Win Value Calculator:- a stake of 20 the 3 match treble gave a return of 369!

Matches played 20.01.2018

National League Fixture Home Odds Draw Odds Away Odds Result
German Bundesliga B.Gladbach v Augsburg 2.2 3.5 3.25 Home Win
German Bundesliga Freiburg v Leipzig 3.5 3.4 2.10 Home Win
German Bundesliga Mainz v Stuttgart 2.4 3.2 2.8 Home win


Home Win Value Calculator

A simple to use data input format enables you to input teams and recent results and the HWVC uses a unique home win probability formula versus the bookmakers odds to identify weaknesses in any bookmakers estimations of a match outcome

The workbook does the formula calculations automatically

The screenshot below shows the Home Win Value Calculator output for each of the matches


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